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Sales Process Framework
Process mapping is a well-known technique for creating a shared vision and common language for improving business results. A good sales process will ensure that the focus of the organisation is on the customer and that all processes and practices are aligned and allow achievement of optimum results.
However, leaders in both large and small sales organizations often make mistakes that undermine the potential of process mapping. A common result, where sales processes are not working is one where salespeople ignore the process and operate “outside the system.”

The Business Calibrator can provide a Sales Process Map which not only provides the shared vision and common language but also provides the following:

»Provides a check on the target sales market
»Analyses the health of the sales pipeline and sales territories
»Provides a strategy and action plan for acquiring new accounts
»Provides the activity required from each sales person to achieve the sales goals
»Describes different stages and gives definition to the sales cycle
»Provides a methodology to record opportunities and each stage of the sales cycle.
»Provides a check that Position Descriptions and KPI's are aligned to the sales process

Deborah Moran is an accredited Associate with                               
the Institute for Independent Business

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